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10 Types of Interior Design Trends for 2014

Doing a home makeover this new year for a fresh start? It only takes some simple steps and the changes will give life to the familiar but dull spaces in your home. The trends for interior design this year is all about simplicity but with a twist. We carefully picked 10 of the most used trends that you can try for your home.

1. Bright colors. The growing trend this year is using leave gray, beige and geiger colors in place of deeply-hued colors like navy and plum. The navy color is now considered the new neutral for its ability to blend with other colors and styles. If a darker shade on the wall seems too deep, start with a piece of furniture like a sofa or sectional as your focal point and work from there.

2. Simple cottons and linens are out of the loop. Instead, go for velvet and suede or even corduroys. These fabrics are classic and stylish and also durable.

3. Use modern styles and blend it with classic patterns like floral patterns.

4. High style, low cost. Thanks to new innovations for retail, haute designs are now a lot more affordable. Stores like Target are providing affordable trends for the masses. You have a hot and stylish design at a low price.

5. Say goodbye to matching patterns. Take risk when it comes to design trends. Now we are more equipped with knowledge and availability of materials so don’t be afraid to use different colors and textures and it will surprise you.

6. Think outside the box. The home trends this year is about being eclectic. It is wide-ranging so be confident when setting your trend and it will give a beautiful finish.

7. Significant accessories. We always know that less is more when it comes to decorations around our home. Pieces that have personal significance like photos and artworks are  in.

8. Sculptural craftsmanship. Spread your options. Instead of going for the framed prints make your collection stand out by picking sculptural pieces. It can add dimensions to your walls and create unique focal points.

9. Elements of nature. Natural materials can also be incorporated to fabrics and furnishings and not only with wall arts.

10. Light-toned wood. For a long time, dark wood like mahogany and cherry ruled the market for wood furniture. In the not so distant future, caramel and nectar tones will take the spotlight. The softer colors blends well to any styles and designs and don’t feel heavy.

So start innovating now and create your own design. Be confident when doing it or else you may end up putting the wrong pieces of over styling your home. Post your interior design projects on Bid On Work and see what kind of bids you get from different professionals. It’s free to post and to be a member, so you have nothing to lose but so much to gain! Post Today!

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